Caught Up

Meiko Taylor, MBA & Chloe Vega | September 20 | 1:30-2:30 PM | Room 2591

Topic: Film | Knowledge Level: Beginner

Caught Up features snippets from the narrative hip hop film TURNT to illustrate some of the tactics used by sex traffickers to recruit victims, highlighting the specific impact on one of the most vulnerable populations: foster care youth. The audience will follow the journey of a teen who is recruited, groomed and forced into sexual exploitation. Through video and engaging discussion, the presenters will reveal the dark truth about being caught up in The Life. Designed for audiences 9th grade and up, Caught Up also offers information on what sex trafficking is, risk factors for exploitation, who, how and where pimps recruit, and tips on how to avoid being Caught Up. The presenters will provide an overview of the Caught Up training and how they use media to teach at-risk youth the realities of being recruited into the life. The presenters will also discuss some of the ways traffickers recruit online and was to protect against that. This discussion is intended to give attendees an idea of the tools they use to support organizations that serve youth.

Presentation Objectives:

·  Define sex trafficking and describe risk factors of sex trafficking in youth.

·  Describe recruitment tactics and red flags of pimps and trafficking victims.

·  Identify ways to protect against exploitation

About the Presenters