"Not #MeToo": How Gender-based Work and Micro/Macro-aggressions Impede Trafficking Survivors of Color from Accessing Services

Tyffani Monford Dent, PsyD | September 20 | 4:00-5:00 PM | Ingman Room

Topic: Direct Service | Knowledge Level: Intermediate

Even within the field of sexual violence intervention, there appears to be a hierarchy not only in who “deserves” victim-status, but even in the way our systems choose to intervene with marginalized populations. Often, those providing services within the sexual violence field face the same microaggressions that impact those whom they want to serve. This presentation will examine the systemic challenges faced by Women of Color (WOC) serving Trafficking Survivors of Color (TSOC), the barriers identified by TSOC in accessing culturally-relevant services, and ways in which various agencies have enhanced their services by implementing culturally-relevant practices.

Presentation Objectives:

·  Define microaggressions and provide examples of how they are displayed with sexual violence work.

·  Identify challenges faced by WOC providing services to TSOC.

·  Describe barriers to accessing culturally-relevant services.

·  Provide examples of culturally-relevant practices being utilized throughout the country with TSOC and other Survivors of Color.

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