A Four-Year Analysis of Labor Trafficking Cases in the United States

Kristen Bracy, MA, MSW & Bandak Lul, MA | September 21 | 2:45-3:45 PM | Room 2582

Topic: Research | Knowledge Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Although there has been a recent increase of attention and interest on the issue of labor trafficking in the United States, there continues to be limited research on the incidence of labor trafficking cases and characteristics. The Arizona State University (ASU) Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research examined labor trafficking cases throughout the United States from 2013 to 2016. The research identified 125 persons arrested for labor trafficking of migrant workers and U.S. citizens and 120 victims of labor trafficking during this time period. During this presentation, details about the cases will be explored and characteristics such as transportation, recruitment, and control tactics will be presented. Recommendations for future research and community action will be discussed.

Presentation Objectives:

·  Present the findings of a national labor trafficking study.

·  Explore recruitment and control tactics labor traffickers used to force, coerce, or trick victims into a labor trafficking experience.

·  Examine elements of movement in labor trafficking cases.

·  Discuss recommendations for future research and community action to combat labor trafficking.

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