Finding Hope in the Ruins

David Nalls, ASB, CDCA, TIC-T, PRS-T, CPI-I & Lee Ann Campbell | September 21 | 4:00-5:00 PM | Room 3010A

Topic: Experience | Knowledge Level: Beginner, Intermediate

The first part of this presentation will explore the life of a woman who was exposed to human trafficking through the kinship who was supposed to protect her. Lee Ann will discuss her pain and how she has turned that into a powerful message of hope. Not only does she talk hope, but she expresses it as she extends herself to others in efforts to help them overcome the pain. The goal of this presentation is to expose the events that lead to her trauma, her experiences, and the effects of trauma in freedom. She will also express the meaning behind the name of her home for women, Rahab’s Heart. During the second part of this presentation, minister, author, instructor and trainer, David, will discuss the spiritual journey of faith and how the existence of hope enables the desire to dream for better. In those dreams, a future could be constructed, making the goal of recovery something to be pursued. Some, because of the trauma they have experienced, believe God does not love them. This is where learning how to understand why you’ve survived and been entrusted with such a great responsibility: to carry a message of hope to the next person experiencing the absence of hope...Finding Hope in the Ruins.

Presentation Objectives:

·  Expose the harsh reality of being trafficked from within kinship networks.

·  Explore how the fight continues for the victim even after freedom has been gained.

·  Convey the trauma related to being trafficked.

·  Communicate how to provide hope to the hopeless.

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