“Sir, is This Your Daughter”

John L. Padgett, PhD(c), CHTI | September 21 | 4:00-5:00 PM

Topic: Law Enforcement, Direct Service | Knowledge Level: Intermediate

This presentation will track the journey of a 30-year retired violent crimes detective supervisor and administrative law judge’s real-life introduction to human trafficking. Through his eyes, you with discover the horrors experienced by the family, the violence experienced by the victim, dangerous positions to not allow yourself to be placed in, the aggravation of finding appropriate care for the victims of human trafficking, and the view of healthcare providers in the US toward the treatment and types of care these victims require. This is a unique opportunity for those attending the conference to see the world of human trafficking victims through the eyes of a life-long legal professional and scholar-practitioner.

Presentation Objectives:

·  Examine the response to human trafficking victimization across socioeconomic boundaries.

·  Introduce some of the dangerous positions investigating human trafficking organizations will put someone in as they are traversing the emotional quagmire of a family during the human trafficking nightmare.

·  Explore new data obtained from the top US healthcare providing insurance agencies relative to covering services required of victims of human trafficking victims and new training many US hospitals are going through based on Dignity Healthcare of California practices.

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