Keynote Speaker: Bazzel Baz

Thursday Lunch | 12:30-1:30 pm | Auditorium

Bazzel Baz, aka “Baz”, is the President of the Association for the Recovery of Children (ARC) and Life Guarantor for a plethora of clients finding themselves in life threatening circumstances. Baz’s favorite quote from his father “it isn’t what happens to you, it’s what you do with what happens to you that counts..." helps fuel his fire as he works with his clients to move to extraordinary performance and motivation.

Throughout his corporate career he has been known for his creative, spirited, high energy and purposeful approach to developing relationships, talent and solutions.  As the recipient of the Intelligence Commendation Medal and numerous Exceptional Performance Awards, Baz is able to draw from his ten-years supporting the CIA as an undercover operative in field intelligence collection operations throughout the Far East, Middle East, Northern Europe, Central America, South America, the Mediterranean and Africa. These experiences as a Paramilitary Officer in developing and recommending policy, operational doctrine, hostage rescue involvement, as well as methods and techniques for use in clandestine activities place him head and shoulders above speakers who are not battle tested.

Baz is a Citadel Graduate, former U.S. Marine counter-terrorism Officer, CIA Intelligence Special Operations Group Officer, Film and Television Writer/Producer and founder of the Association for the Recovery of Children (ARC). He is also the OCONUS Director of Programing for Due North Quest, created out of a critical need for summer programs to support young men returning from boarding schools or struggling to find clear next steps toward their future goals. It offers a great transition and provides a rite of passage into manhood.

Baz's twenty-year journey as a speaker has taken him through an international circuit of guerrilla leaders like former UNITA President Jonas Savimbi of Angola, Afghan Rebels, Ministers of Defense, former Ambassadors/Heads of State and thousands of freedom fighters, often under the demands to provide motivational insight and guidance. On the home front, his influence and intriguing reputation has catapulted his career as a welcomed spokesperson among Corporate Leaders, Law Enforcement Organizations, Public Television, Educational Institutes as well as smaller groups like the Brandeis University National Women's Committee.

Baz is a member of the Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild, passing another milestone in 2002 as he and Edgar Strubble (composer for Country Western Singer, Kenny Rogers) finished "March On By", a patriotic song produced by Peter Panic Music of Burbank California, as a salute to the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces and Civilian Rescue Operations. Like his fellow Citadel graduate Pat Conroy (bestselling author of works including The Prince of Tides and The Great Santini), Baz has learned to develop partnerships with experienced television and film makers to send his message of good-will leadership and motivation that moves the masses to take responsibility and make a difference in this world.

Baz has been able to draw from his CIA and military experiences in order to launch a successful acting career as well as create movie and television material that is unique and original. He is well known in the industry as the “go-to-guy” for technical and creative consulting on and off the set for Directors, Producers and Actors. Baz co-starred on NBC television's "The Blacklist" for four seasons as the commander of Raymond Reddington’s paramilitary group.

Today, Baz travels nationally and internationally to provide breakthroughs to awesome performance with an uncanny ability to bring simple solutions to complicated scenarios. He is a well sought after motivational speaker and has been called “The Life Guarantor.” In addition, he has worked with hundreds of leaders and managers to coach them in successful leadership principles and is open to customizing material to meet the specific needs of the client.