Shining a Light: Monsters, Mysteries, and How Society Divides Us

Heather Sloane, PhD, LISW, MSW; Sarah Kramer, MSW; Johanna McDaniel & Chantal Crane | September 20-21 | Art Exhibit

This exhibit involves creative writing collaboration between UT students from the medical and social work professions and high school students from Rogers High School. The students write creatively on a weekly basis using multiple writing prompts from images to research on social separation. The sophomore group focused on memoir writing and the juniors' autoethnographic research on social separation. Themes developed from this writing about mysteries and monsters and the realities of expectations, acceptance, observation, and societal norms. The insights from these creative writing groups are helpful to better understand disconnects that happen between community members and providers.

Exhibit Objectives:

·  Encourage communities to honor and respect the insights of young people.

·  Identify the impact of social separation in the United States and how it contributes to health disparities.

·  Demonstrate the power of creative writing, art, and photography to raise awareness about injustice and to counter stereotypes about youth.

·  Inspire future social work and artists collaboration.

About the Artists

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