Fragment of a Mirror: Reflections on Surviving

Leigh Pinkelman & Tori Sullivan Cortez, BSW | September 20-21 | Art Exhibit

This exhibit features a survivor artist, Leigh Pinkelman. This will be the fourth year that the Human Trafficking and Social Justice conference has featured a survivor artist. So far, the exhibit has highlighted the experiences of surviving sex trafficking, childhood sexual abuse, and partner suicide. Art has been in the form of painting, sculpture, and poetry. This exhibit is the result of an open call for art with a due date of March 30 for submission. A small group of the art and social justice committee for the conference will help to choose from the artists that have submitted work.

Exhibit Objectives:

·  Consider how communities can honor and respect the insights of survivors.

·  Identify the impact of art interventions on resilience and survival.

·  Demonstrate the power of art in raising awareness about experiences of injustice.

·  Inspire survivor artists to share their work with the community and to provoke the audience to use art as a catalyst for empathy for all that have survived cruelty.

About the Artists

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