Exotic: Film Screening and Discussion

Amy Oden, MA | September 21 | 1:30-2:30 PM

Topic: Film | Knowledge Level: Beginner, Intermediate

"Dotted with palm trees and coral reefs, Guam is United States territory where military men and Japanese tourists abound. A seemingly perfect backdrop for a strip club, the island should sound ideal to any girl coming from Portland, Atlanta, or Anchorage to work as an exotic dancer. But is it? Exotic foregrounds the stories of workers, as they discuss this fluid and secretive world." Clips from the film, “Exotic”, and the subsequent discussion will provide information about the stratification of the migrant sexual sector in Guam and the Pacific Rim. Who is “legal” and who is not, and what factors determine the rights that populations are afforded? “Exotic” touches on all of these issues. The discussion portion of the presentation will focus on teasing out the differences between voluntary migrant sex work and human trafficking. The nuances between these categories are important to understand for anyone involved in social justice efforts to end human trafficking.
Presentation Objectives:

·  Illuminate the landscape of migrant sexual economy through a case study.

·  Provide discussion in-roads about labor rights, policing, and economics.

·  Provoke discussion about the need for broad-based strategies when dealing with sex worker populations.

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