A Story of a Male Survivor

Aashish Dulal, MA | September 21 | 11:30 AM-12:30 PM

Topic: Experience, International | Knowledge Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

This male trafficking survivor had been working as a radio journalist before the incident. In 2012, he found that there was the opportunity for a cruise management course with job placement facilities in Malaysia. He paid more than 600 USD as a consultancy charge and college fees. He started realizing that the reality was quite different than his dream; but still, the consultancy person was showing promises and written commitment for job placement in a cruise-company after the course of 9 months. But the reality was different; he endured forced work, a low salary, and the confiscating of his passport. To survive, he started to work as a security guard; there he was also abused by the security officer and the company because of his visa issue. He requested the college to manage the job interview for the cruise, but they sent him to another hotel and his passport was taken by the hotel HR manager. One day, his wallet and laptop were stolen and he was attacked by some staff members. He complained to the hotel but, nothing happened. He then requested his passport and remaining salary and booked a ticket to Nepal. The college tried to stop him because it could be harmful to them if he would share his experience. He safely arrived after 10 months, but the consultancy had already disappeared. He found out that he was experiencing trafficking in the name of student visa sponsorship and is now devoted to the campaign against human trafficking.

Presentation Objectives:

·  Share about the emerging trend of human trafficking.

·  Illuminate the journey of a survivor and his commitment in the campaign human trafficking.

·  Demonstrate the lack of governmental mechanism which allows for human trafficking.

·  Exhibit the dimension and the example of male trafficking in Nepal.

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