"I Am More": Using Art to Cope

Aravindhan Natarajan, PhD | September 19-20

Topic: Art | Knowledge Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced | Location: TBD

This art exhibit is a safe space, open to all conference attendees regardless of past experience with art. This is a place to learn about the psychological, emotional, and physical benefits of art as well as allows for the attendee to experiment with various art mediums and methods. This room also provides a place for general relaxation to allow for the attendee to process the information they have absorbed through the conference. We encourage attendees to take advantage of this special space in order to find a relief from the heavy topics of the day, discover with their own creative capabilities, and to walk away with knowledge of art-based interventions.

Exhibit Objectives:

·  Share the benefits of art based therapeutic techniques

·  Provide a space for processing and relaxation

·  Create an environment for learning and discussion

·  Give attendees a place to experiment with art and discover their own creative capabilities

About the Exhibit Organizer

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