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Dr. Joel Filmore

Dr. Joel Filmore is a professor, clinical counselor, author, and public speaker. He earned his Doctorate in Counselor Education from Northern Illinois University. He is a Core Faculty member, and staff therapist, at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. He specializes in affective disorders (depression, anxiety, anger...etc.), trauma & abuse issues/survivors, LGBTQ Issues, multiculturalism, sex-trafficking, sex offender issues, as well as addictions/substance abuse.

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Teresa Fedor

Representative Teresa Fedor is a Democratic member of the Ohio House of Representatives and serves District 45 in Toledo.

In 2012, the Governor signed into law Rep. Fedor’s most comprehensive human trafficking legislation to date, Safe Harbor Act (H.B. 262). Most recently, the Governor signed into law Rep. Fedor’s H.B. 130 End Demand Act, a bill that tackles the market-driven demand for purchasing commercial sex by increasing penalties for purchasing sex from a minor among others.

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2015Walaa KananTeresa Fedor
Rev. Que English

Named 1 of the top 25 most influential women in the Bronx, Rev. Que English passion is to empower, train and educate houses of worship to serve as community bridge-builders and to establish strategic partnerships in their communities. She chairs the NYC Faith-Based Coalition Against Human Trafficking & Domestic Violence working collaboratively with government, community-based orgs, city agencies, grassroot orgs, and service providers to be effective safe havens for victims and survivors

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Libby Spears Dureti

Libby is a director of narrative and documentary work. She has over 15 years producing and directing critically-acclaimed films that can be seen around the world. Her film Playground, produced by George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh, with animation by Yoshitomo Nara, looks at the epidemic of young children being forced into prostitution in the US.

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Kristen DiAngelo, Pearl Callahan, and Dephine Brody

Kristen DiAngelo, Pearl Callahan, and Dephine Brody are members of the Sex Workers Outreach Project Sacramento (SWOP) and sex worker advocates, who spend their time doing outreach to those who are trafficked and/or engaged in survival sex. Today, they use their personal stories of trafficking, violence, empowerment, and survival, as a way to help and educate others.

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Genevieve Davis

Genevieve Davis, M.F.A, B.S, B.A., studied Art and Filmmaking at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and Anthropology at Beloit College. She has given talks on SECRET LIFE, SECRET DEATH at the Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago History Museum, WBEZ Chicago, DePaul University, Beloit College, University of Wisconsin, and many libraries, museums, bookstores and book clubs, all of whom have collected her work.  SECRET LIFE, SECRET DEATH won Best Art Film at Indiefest U.S.A. in Los Angeles.

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2015Walaa KananGenevieve Davis
Kate D'Adamo

Kate D'Adamo is a National Policy Advocate at the Sex Workers Project and a community organizer with the Sex Workers Outreach Project - NYC and Sex Workers Action New York. Prior to this, she worked on these issues at the International Commission for Labor Rights and Global Workers Justice Alliance, as well as independent campaigns including Human Rights for All, which sought to integrate sex worker rights into the UN’s Universal Periodic Review.

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2015Walaa KananKate D'Adamo
Dr. Karen Countryman-Roswurm

Dr. Karen Countryman-Roswurm, PhD, LMSW, is the Founding Executive Director of the WSU Center for Combating Human Trafficking (CCHT). Karen has served for more than two decades in the anti-trafficking movement through the provision of outreach and therapeutic services, community organizing and advocacy, research, education, and policy development.

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Jean Cook

Jean Cook graduated from Lourdes College in Sylvania Ohio with a bachelors degree in social work, followed by a masters degree in counseling from the University of Toledo. She is now the Executive Director of Rahab's Heart.

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2015Walaa KananJean Cook
Lee Ann Campbell

Lee Ann Campbell survived a childhood of human trafficking. Lee Ann was raised in Toledo Ohio in a family where drugs and trafficking one's own child was the norm. Through interventions by police, Children's Services and a local church, she turned her life into a mission to help others still trapped in that life. With the help of That Neighborhood Foundation in North Toledo, Lee Ann and Sandy Sherman, OSU, formed Rahab's Heart. After forming Rahab's Heart with Sr Sandy Sherman, OSU, they chose Jean Cook as director. Jean has a BA in social work from Lourdes College and an MEd from the University of Toledo.

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Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks is an escort, author and activist. Her sex work has spanned four continents. She presented a paper at the 2009 Toledo conference on "Employment Law Violations and Human Rights Violations in a Legal Nevada Brothel."

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2015Walaa KananAmanda Brooks
Jill Brenneman

Jill Brenneman is a sex trafficking survivor. Formerly an abolitionist, she became an advocate for decriminalization, joining the movement for human rights for sex workers, studying harm reduction at Minnesota’s Sexual Violence Center. Jill is a retired sex worker.

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2015Walaa KananJill Brenneman