Occupational Therapy, Building Skills for a Success Story: A Survivor’s Journey

Miranda Tippie & JoDee Figueroa | September 23 | 2:45 - 3:45 PM | Auditorium

Through the story of a survivor of human trafficking, the impact of occupational therapy as a form of innovative treatment will be shared. A journey that includes breaking free from human trafficking, recovering from addiction, addressing and moving past life traumas, and learning how to live a new and successful life will be shared from a survivor and her occupational therapist. The most effective treatment for survivors of human trafficking include treatment involving, but not limited to job placement, independent living skills, housing, basic needs, health education, educational opportunities, trauma specific treatment, social skills, and any other needed skill building areas. As part of a team, occupational therapists address these issues holistically from assessment to treatment. Survivors of human trafficking benefit from skill development such as self-care, financial management, employment, meaningful activity, meal planning and preparation, community mobility, relationship development, problem solving, impulse control, and many other areas. Occupational therapy played a big role in the recovery of a survivor in Hancock County who will share her story to increase empathy for individuals who struggle with substance abuse, trauma, human trafficking, and life skill development. Through the lived experience of a survivor, a story from leaving her situation to building a coalition will be shared and how occupational therapy and a holistic approach to treatment was a success.

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