My Kid is Sexier Than Your Kid: Sexual Exploitation and its Influence on Modern- Day Sex Slavery

Jared S. Rose Stephanie Huntley & Ashley Wickerham-Cutcher | September 23 | 4:00 - 5:00 PM | Room 2592

Today’s culture is teaching girls that, from toddler age on up, they have but one purpose: using their sex for someone else’s pleasure. Before they even know what sexuality is, girls are being shown to perform sexuality through the activities they engage in and the merchandise which they play with and wear. Furthermore, such merchandise activities are marketed to children throughout their development glorifying “pimp culture,” which in turn glamorizes and contributes to human trafficking. The presenters will explore toddler beauty pageants, under-10 pole and topless dancers, sexualized toys for minors, Hello Kitty joining forces with Playboy, and many other pop culture examples of the obsession with sexualizing young girls and contributing to the vulnerability of children which contributes greatly to forced sexual slavery.

Presentation Objectives:

·         Identify pop culture’s manner of sexualizing children from infancy to adolescence

·         Identify and discuss the ramifications of pop culture’s obsession with child sexualization for the individual, women & girls, and society as a whole

·         Identify the connection between sexual exploitation and human trafficking

Identify and implement ways to critically analyze and combat pop culture sexual exploitation of children

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