DO Something!

Kenny Summer | September 10 | 4:00 - 5:00 PM | Room 2584

DO Something! is a workshop that will empower and energize participants to take the initial steps to create and grow a functioning and effective anti-human trafficking organization. While many people are startled by the alarming increase in human trafficking, some are overwhelmed by what they perceive as the potential obstacles in creating such a group. DO Something! is designed to help participants unpack their concerns and address critical issues they will face when undertaking the task of starting and maintaining an anti-human trafficking group.
1) How to identify the purpose(s) of starting an anti-human trafficking group.
2)  How to identify local resources in their community to tap into as they start such a group.
3)  How to identify the key people needed to organize the group.
4) How to identify the nomenclature and logo for their group.
5) How to identify key functions of the group.
6) How to identify and utilize existing resources to enhance the group.
7) How to get and stay going strong.

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