Underlying Issues: Identifying Sexual Abuse and Reproductive Coercion within Intimate Partner Relationships

Kelly Becker & Keri Black | September 11 | 10:15 - 11:15 AM | Room 2584

This presentation aims to educate professionals working with young people on the issues of sexual assault, dating violence, and reproductive coercion. The target audience for this program are educators and professionals working with an adolescent population, domestic violence workers, and sexual assault advocates. This presentation sheds light on the prevalence of sexual abuse and reproductive coercion within already violent intimate partner relationships. As part of this educational session, information will also be provided regarding victim rights and services available to victims of these crimes.

During the program, observers will learn the legal definitions and basic facts about dating violence, sexual assault, and reproductive coercion. Observers will also be given an in-depth explanation of the Ohio Statutory Rape Law and how this law is relevant to the issues of dating violence and reproductive coercion. Observers will also be advised of the appropriate protocol for dealing with disclosure of these crimes as well as the various options afforded to survivors regarding the legal process, advocacy, and seeking medical treatment.

Participants will be provided with statistical information regarding these three types of violence and how they are related to each other. Statistics included in the presentation are: statistics regarding survivors’ relationships to their offender, the common age ranges of survivors, the amount of male and female survivors, and the prevalence of unreported incidents. In closing, observers will be given contact information for local advocacy services.



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