Is There a Pill for That?

Donna Sabella | September 11 | 4:00 - 5:00 PM | Room 2584

As those who have been victimized and exploited begin to recover and heal from the trauma of having been trafficked, there are a number of supports they can make use of to improve their emotional well-being. Often times, mental health counseling or therapy is appropriate for some individuals while others may require psychotropic medications either alone or in addition to therapy. This presentation will address the role of psychiatric medications in working with and treating human trafficking victims and survivors.

1)  Accurately describe which categories of mental health medications are most appropriate in working with this population;
2) Accurately explain how and why they work;
3) Discuss the side effects and problems the individual needs to be aware of while taking the medications; and
4) Discuss when psychotropic medications are not enough as well as when they are not indicated

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