Eradicating Sex Trafficking: The Power of Rescue, Restoration and Justice

Becky Morris | September 10 | 2:45 - 3:45 PM | Room 2591

Estimates suggest that 25% of minors being sold into the commercial sex trade around the world each year are in India. Source? The U.S. State department calls India a “source, destination and transit” country for a majority of the trafficking in Asia. Therefore, India is in the center of the fight to end international sex trafficking.
This session will focus on the issue of sex trafficking in India while also providing a solution, evidenced by the work being implemented in the field by Freedom Firm. Have you worked in India?
Why are so many minors being trafficked in India? What are the primary causes of trafficking in India? What is the most effective solution for eradicating sex trafficking in our lifetime? Is there hope for the survivors? An exploration of Freedom Firm’s work on the ground in India will arm you with smart statistics and a better understanding of what effective anti-trafficking efforts look like overseas. Attendees will leave this session knowing what a holistic approach to this injustice looks like and why so many believe it is the best way to eradicate sex slavery in our lifetime.

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