Counter-Justice Techniques and Victim-Perpetrator Dynamics in Domestic Child Sex Trafficking

Kelly Ranasinghe | September 10 | 2:45 - 3:45 PM | Room 3010A

Counter-justice is a term used in this training to describe strategic victim and witness manipulation by traffickers that is intended to inhibit the justice system’s response to domestic child sex trafficking (DCST) cases. The training involves an active discussion into how the victim-perpetrator dynamic affects the functionality of the justice system. The trainer will focus on how traffickers manipulate victim behavior to inhibit case investigation, prosecution, juvenile disposition and therapeutic intervention. The trainer will also explore how the justice system identifies and processes child sex trafficking cases, and how these processes are neutralized by trafficker tactics. The victim-perpetrator dynamic, common vulnerability factors and psychosocial indoctrination of victims will be discussed. Participants will also explore the dynamics of intimate partner violence (IPV) when used for recruitment.


1)       Victim’s perception of government intervention is altered using economic dependence, physical isolation, and manipulation of fears.

2)       Victim behavior in the context of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The trainer will emphasize challenges to juvenile judges in child welfare when integrating court services.

3)       Discuss intervention techniques which may be effective against trafficker counter-justice strategies. With an emphasis on judicial responses and discuss specialized court dockets, trauma-informed courtrooms, and the use of “vertical” case handling.

(Funded by the Office for Victims of Crime)

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