Evaluation of Client Services for Human Trafficking Survivors- Lessons Learned

Myia Welsh | September 10 | 2:45 -3:45 PM | Room 2582

As programs serving survivors grow and develop, evaluation of services can provide insight into what is working, where program improvements can be made, and provide evidence of return on investment for funders. This presentation will discuss the evaluation of services provided to survivors of human trafficking using two evaluation project case studies. In the demonstration cases, non-residential case management was provided to survivors of human trafficking in two different communities over two years. The presentation will share evaluation methodology, evaluation challenges, findings and lessons learned. While the work being reported on is specific to human trafficking, the session content and objectives may also be applicable to organizations providing case management services to a range of clients.

1) Provide an example methodology for evaluation of client services.
2)  Highlight special considerations in conducting evaluation with this population.
3) Share findings from the evaluation projects.
4) Provide recommendations for conducting evaluation of human trafficking case management services.

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