Our Fashion Year: Drawing Connections Between the Garmet and Sex Trades Worldwide

Anne Elizabeth Moore | September 11 | 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM | Room 2591

“Our Fashion Year” is a presentation of an investigative comics journalism project that connects the garment trade to the sex trade worldwide, through international anti-trafficking NGOs. Originally published on Truthout, investigative journalist Anne Elizabeth Moore presents a lively look at a deeply complicated issue, presenting a viewpoint on the world of anti-trafficking NGOs that brings human and labor rights issues into sharp focus. Conference attendees will closely examine the fashion industry at large and its connections to the sex industry in a series of colorful comics created by some of the top-working comics creators in the US. They will be presented with hard evidence indicating that the results the anti-trafficking world claims as success are problematic and self-serving, and participants will be positioned to wonder what purposes the identification of trafficking as a global issue serves, who is funding its eradication, and what is being achieved. One of the leading critics of global anti-trafficking rhetoric, Anne Elizabeth Moore in this project works with Delia Jean, Melissa Mendes, Leela Corman, Ellen Lindner, and Julia Gfrörer to draw a very clear picture of how anti-trafficking organizations often end up perpetrating the exact practices they claim to be against.

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