GIFT: A Novel Evidenced-based Probation Model for Women on Probation for Prostitution Related Offenses

Julie Rud, Lauren Martin & Jose Palma | September 11 | 2:45 - 3:45 PM | Room 2582

Gaining Independence for Females in Transition (GIFT) project was developed by a multi-jurisdictional team from corrections, research, and community agencies in response to community concerns about prostitution in Minneapolis. GIFT is probation. Here the presenters describe the model and present data from their recently concluded study that shows that GIFT is successful in reducing recidivism by working with women to improve their life circumstances while on probation. GIFT was designed using research on prostitution, gender responsive corrections and practices in community court. The core components of GIFT involve a specific model of authority to shape the role of each system partner, intentional service delivery through support, non-judgment and respect, and the use of an actuarial assessment tool to target individual case-planning and intervention in partnership with each woman. Based on four years of evaluation data using a quasi-experimental design, the presenters found that GIFT reduces recidivism for prostitution-related offenses and that it leads to life improvements for women who complete their probation. While this model is embedded in probation practice, they believe many of the core components are transferable to other types of programming for women in prostitution.
1) Understand the core components of a new, successful model for reducing prostitution recidivism by working with women to improve their life circumstances;
2) Explore ways this model may be applicable to other types of prostitution-related programming;
3) Learn about a quasi-experimental research design to evaluate effectiveness of this program

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