Coalition Building and Consciousness Raising to End Human Trafficking & Prostitution

Roma Raj & Mulk Raj | September 10 | 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM | Room 2592

Dr. Mulk and Roma Raj will be sharing their humble experiences as Indian Healers (based in New Delhi, India) and experience working on coalition building with American health workers for finding ways to eliminate the problems of human trafficking and prostitution.
(the sentence before can be shared in the presentation)  In a recent report on social justice and determinants of health, the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that because of social inequities, it will take international efforts and massive political will to improve the health conditions of much of the world's population (2000). This presentation will discuss the word HEALTH as our objective and further analyze the adverse impact of human trafficking and prostitution on humanity. A focus on how pooling our resources together on a universal level and coalition building raises consciousness so we can muster a force to awaken humanity.

       Sexually transmitted diseases are not limited to HIV and Aids but genital herpes can be passed on just by skin contact without any intercourse. The American Center for Disease control (CDC) reported in 2000 that 45 million Americans (one in every six) are infected with genital herpes.
With support from the Bill Gates Foundation, CD's in every language of the world should reach vulnerable youth in the next two years with the goal to educate growing kids who are at risk of getting engaged in traps of the traffickers.

1) Increase understanding of the importance of universal (international) team work for coalition building and consciousness raising.
2) To explore strategies for reducing hate, ego, and violence as obstacles to coalition building and consciousness raising.
3) To chart course of action for key stone education, social justice, and will to share globally.

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