Pathways Model to Improve Birth Outcomes of Low Income Women

Jan Ruma | September 10 | 9:00 - 10:00 AM | Room 2582

Ohio ranks 50th in African American infant mortality. One risk factor for infant want Tallardy is low birth weight. African-American woman or more than twice as likely to deliver a low birth weight baby compared to a Caucasian woman. However, into thousand 13 and 2014, African-American woman in rolled in the pathways program in Lucas county had a low birth rate of 9.5%, much lower than the overall rate for African Americans in Lucas county (13.2% in 2013) and statewide (13.4% in 2013). This presentation will focus on the Pathways Model and educate the audience on how to both implement and advocate for the Pathways Model to be used in their community.

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