Understanding Vulnerability: Unlocking the Key to Human Trafficking in Caribbean Commercial Sexual Tourism and Abroad

Davina Durgana | September 11 | 1:30 - 2:30  PM | Room 2584

After creating the first human trafficking risk assessment and prevalence estimation model for minors in the United States, Dr. Durgana applies the same theoretical and statistical modeling insights to the issue of human trafficking in Caribbean sexual tourism in this lecture. She deconstructs vulnerability to human trafficking by appealing to the UN human security theoretical framework. She also provides context on how to best inform potential interventions for human trafficking prevention in the Caribbean and the United States from the perspectives of both regions. Survivor Advocates, Academics, Community Members, and others will find this lecture to be a unique perspective into the state of human trafficking in nearby caribbean and abroad, with an engaging open discussion on the many potential ways to combat this issue moving forward. 

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