Sex Work, Human Trafficking, and Social Justice

Kristen DiAngelo, Pearl Callahan & Dephine Brody | September 11 | 1:30 -  2:30 PM | Room 3010A

Sex Work, Human Trafficking, and Social Justice is a panel of three sex workers - One who is trans, one African American, one who was raped, beaten and abducted, one who was assaulted by several clients, who talk about their own experiences and how anti-trafficking trends affected them. Topics discussed are transmisogyny (structural violence against trans women) misogyny and anti-trans violence, survival sex and exploitation, gaps in services and the need for trauma-informed care, and health and harm reduction in our communities. The panel will explain and examine the difference between sex work and sex trafficking, from sex workers’ perspectives. Kristen DiAngelo, Pearl Callahan, and Delphine Brody have over 80 years’ combined experience in the sex industry and sex trades.

1) Understand the impacts of structural violence on trans sex workers and trans people who trade sex.
2) Discuss anti-trafficking techniques and their adverse consequences (end-demand, street stings, massage parlor code enforcement, etc).
3) Understand and discuss the ideas surrounding survival sex/sex trades.
4) Grasp the idea of complex trauma in sex work and sex trades, and how it occurs.
5) Have a working knowledge of what you can do to interrupt the cycle.
6) Obtain a set of resources who are experts on sex work and sex trades for use in your organization.
7) Evaluate the content of the anti-trafficking information you are being given.
8) Draw informed conclusions that reflect an understanding of multiple (and sometimes conflicting) sources of information.

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