Targeting Poverty: Risk of Trafficking Among Women and Children in India

Awkash Kumar | September 10 | 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM | Room 2591

In a developing country like India, poverty becomes one of the main causes for being trafficked. Especially, for women and children who end up in prostitution and/or organ trading in other countries.  Poverty creates a big scope of vulnerability among them for being trafficked. Allurement of overseas jobs, attempt to avoid sexual and physical abuse at home, poverty and forced labor are the key reasons of for human trafficking. Source? Wherever there is poverty, there is likely supply to meet the growing demand for sexual entertainment. India is a country, where the trafficking of women and children occurs frequently and acts as a source, destination and transit point. At least 225,000 women and children are trafficked from the region every year. It also causes the brunt of countless negative physical and mental health outcomes.


1)       Explore the relationship between poverty and trafficking in women and children. Including, the various forms of violence they have to face after being trafficked.

2)       Analyze the major routes, destinations and forms of trafficking in women and children in India? As it has been observed poor helpless families and tribal societies have become the main target group of traffickers.

Understand human trafficking violates the freedom of a person and it is against human rights. It has many forms and the modus operandi vary from countries and destinations.

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