The Monster Hiding in our Backyard: Recognizing the Need for Social Justice Reform in a Criminal Justice System

Kilomarie Granda | September 10 | 1:30 - 2:30 PM | Room 2582

We have a monster hiding in our own backyard. This monster is growing larger, demanding more victims, acquiring vast amounts of wealth, becoming bolder by night, increasingly seen even in broad daylight. This monster, one that we unknowingly feed, through our lack of education, awareness, and/or action is known as Sex Trafficking.

1) Raise basic awareness about human trafficking, particularly domestic sex trafficking.
2) Discuss the current social policy and reform occurring in the United States.
3) Enable participants to have the tools to actively seek change within the social policy and legislation of their own regions and states.

Statistical data, policy reform issues, and various legislative topics will also be discussed. This research has been gathered by both third party organizations, such as the Polaris Project, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and Not on Our Watch America Foundation, as well as Ms. KiloMarie Granda. The material presented will both build upon existing research and incorporate measurable outcomes based upon Quantitative and Qualitative Data.

For more information about our mission to end Domestic Sex Trafficking, please check us out at or

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