The Profiles and Recruitment Techniques of Convicted Northern Ohio Sex Traffickers 2010-2013

Jesse Bach | September 10 | 10:15-11:15 AM | Room 2592

There are very few empirical examples of research pertaining to convicted sex traffickers. This is due, in part, to limited research access by both the Bureau of Prisons, and Institutional Review Boards. To overcome this lack of access, Dr. Jesse Bach conducted an in-depth qualitative analysis of court documents, transcripts and courtroom interviews pertaining to the sex trafficking trials of Northern Ohio—resulting in a conviction, from 2010-2013. This presentation will examine the lived experiences, recruitment techniques, methods of victim/survivor control, and financial arrangements pertaining to convicted sex traffickers. It will provide unique insight to who traffickers are, how they came to be involved in sex trafficking, and how they gained access to victim/survivors. The implications of this research go beyond the advocacy world and into the development of preventative measures constructed around the warning signs and at-risk behaviors of potential traffickers—before they become involved in the crime.

** Trigger Warning**
Discussions of domestic minor sex trafficking, sex traffickers, physical abuse, psychological coercion, drug addiction, and prostitution.

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