Models for the Elimination of Collateral Consequences of Criminalization

Vanessa Soma | September 23 | 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM | Room 3020

Any person whose identity, status, labor, or serostatus should have a range of remedies available to them to fight and to right the wrongs they face under systems of criminalization. Unfortunately, this is too often not the case. The remedies available to people profiled, arrested, and convicted due to their age, race, socio-economic class, gender identity, serostatus, and/or actual or perceived work in street economies or erotic trades, are composed of a web of esoteric rules and regulations, oftentimes lacking adequate publication or resources for those eligible to take advantage. This session will outline common problems faced by these communities, along with typical remedial models including: immunity, affirmative defenses, diversion, sealing, expungement, vacatur, and pardon, along with the drawbacks and benefits of each. The session will conclude with a group brainstorm and participatory discussion of how our communities and organizations can work to improve existing remedies and what other remedies we should fight to establish.

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