At the Margins, but not Beyond Our Reach: Supporting LGBTQ+ Victims of Trafficking

Nicholas Oakley, JD | September 20 | 1:30-2:30 PM

Topic: Direct Service, Research | Knowledge Level: Intermediate | Location: Room 2592

What are common experiences of LGBTQ+ minor victims of trafficking? What are the service needs shared among this population? To what extent can youth-serving professionals better support LGBTQ+ victims? The presenter will address these questions with findings by a new, 2019 research project by the Center for Children & Youth Justice in collaboration with the University of Washington Evans School of Public Policy. In an effort to bridge the gap that currently exists in our knowledge of intersection of trafficking and LGBTQ+ youth, the presenter will cover the Center’s national literature review, original data collection and analysis in Washington State, and recommendations in a practical way. Attendees will then engage with each other to strategize on how they can improve policies and practices to better support LGBTQ+ victims. Professionals who have questions, concerns, or are apprehensive about this topic are encouraged to attend; this is a safe space to dialogue with your peers.

Presentation Objectives:

·  Employ creative strategies to highlight research findings that demonstrate how trafficking may look different for LGBTQ+ youth victims

·  Employ creative strategies to highlight some of the unique service needs of LGBTQ+ youth victims

·  Facilitate small group activities to assist participants in unpacking how these findings impact participants' respective policies and practices

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