"I Am More": Seeing the Individual, Not a Diagnosis

Daniel Huesman, MSW, LSW, LCDCIII | September 19-20

Topic: Art | Knowledge Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced | Location: TBD

This art exhibit will consist of artwork from individuals struggling with mental health disorders. These pieces will depict how they have learned to use art to cope with and/or overcome their mental health struggles and showcase that they are more than just their mental health journey.

Exhibit Objectives:

·  Bring empowerment to the artists and allow a safe space for them to express their feelings toward their mental health or to showcase how art is a coping skill

·  Bring enlightenment to attendees to look past the stigma of mental health diagnoses and truly see the individual

·  Allow attendees to connect with these pieces and feel empowered in their own journey to improving their own mental health

About the Exhibit Organizer

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