Human Trafficking and Individuals with Developmental Disability

Pat Stephens, MEd & Steve Mentrek, MA | September 20 | 10:15-11:15 AM

Topic: Direct Service | Knowledge Level: Beginner, Intermediate | Location: TBD

The goal of this presentation is to assist with awareness and understanding of human trafficking when working with Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (DD). The session will cover DD Individuals Risk Factors and why they are so vulnerable. The presenters will share stories about experiences with their population who have been trafficked, how to report, how to recognize the signs, how to support individuals and families if they experienced human trafficking. The session will also cover some labor trafficking stories in order to protect the DD population from employers who have immoral practices. Attendees will take away how their individual vulnerabilities have made them targets in the United States as well as overseas. They will share resources to assist the DD individuals and general population about Human Trafficking.

Presentation Objectives:

·  Discuss the risk factors and vulnerabilities for the DD population

·  Describe how our DD systems need to work together for positive outcomes of the victim

·  Explain the importance why the DD and Learning-Disabled population need to learn prevention

About the Presenters