Effectiveness of Hamro Abhiyan to Create Mass Awareness

Rajendra Kumar Gautam, PhD | September 19 | 9:00-10:00 AM

Topic: International, Programming | Knowledge Level: Intermediate, Advanced | Location: TBD

Hamro Abhiyan is a Behavioural Change Communication tool that brings awareness to sensitive issues like the causes of trafficking, its consequences, safety against trafficking, rehabilitation after rescue, and prevention of trafficking through informative edutainment methodology. This program is targeted to people of age 13-35. The impact is measured with the help of questionnaires that the participants of Hamro Abhiyan complete before and after they are involved in the interactive learning activities. Learning with peers or in groups is a proven and effective technique which has been adopted by Hamro Abhiyan that helps to gain knowledge and contributes to positive behavioural changes. Statistics pertaining to incidents of Trafficking in Persons in the past shows the inadequacy of education and awareness. There is a need to reach vulnerable populations with correct messages, knowledge, and information in order to adopt appropriate techniques. The education obtained in a congenial and emotionally attached environment is effective, real, and behavior-changing as compared to the experience of gaining education from other sources. Such types of education need to be exciting and entertaining so that the children, youth, and adolescents adopt it and change their behavior positively and progressively.

Presentation Objectives:

·  Describe effective ways to sensitize teenagers and youths about human-trafficking

·  Explain how Hamro Abhiyan has enabled 3 Angels Nepal to influence stakeholders to be responsive

·  Discuss what is Hamro Abhiyan and how it is implemented

·  Highlight how it can be implemented in other countries

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