There Isn’t an “I” in MDT: Seamless Collaboration for Any Size Team

Tanisha L. Knighton | September 21 | 2:45-3:45 PM | Room 2582

Multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) exist in a variety of different settings. The question is how well developed is the team and how effective does the team function? Some teams suffer from barriers such as professional mistrust, issues with confidentiality, lack of support from administration, and overall lack of knowledge of what team members may bring to the table. In this interactive workshop, participants will examine the strengths and barriers of MDTs, how improved communication and collaboration foster a healthy environment for team collaboration, and help team members navigate tough discussion that have the ability to impact the client population served.
Presentation Objectives:

·       Explain the members and roles of an MDT and how a lack of communication and/or collaboration can affect clients

·       Explore the strengths and weakness of the MDT model

·       Explain the process of forming an MDT

·       Describe ways communication and collaboration can assist in the development of effective teams for the safety of the client

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