Weaving Threads of Survival Through Hope

Art Exhibit | September 21-22

This exhibit is the result of a general call for art that gives visual voice to the issues of social justice and opportunities for positive change. Additionally, this exhibit is the result of a collaborative committee charged with bringing social justice art in all its forms to the Annual International Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference. The art for this exhibit was reviewed by the committee, which is made up of artist/social workers that specialize in theater, poetry, music performance, creative writing, photography, visual art, and more (members include: Rosie Best, Tori Sullivan-Cortez, Maxwell Cleary, Tary Blair, Nora Riggs, Heather Sloane, and Johnanna McDaniel). Sarah Kramer, an MSW student with an undergraduate degree in photojournalism, collaborated with art therapists and art teachers to oversee the design of the exhibit.

About the Artists

2017Lora Meyersart