What Top Leadership Skills Needed for New and Small Organizations to Become More Successful

Neil Simon | September 22 | 1:30-2:30 PM | Room 2591

Professionals are in this field because they have passions, and often go into this work to try to effect change in people and organizations. This presentation will focus on leadership and "The Business" - what people need to do to have a successful enterprise so they can not only help people and further the cause, they can actually sustain their business. It all hinges on leadership and how one interacts with different constituencies.
Presentation Objectives:

·       Discuss the need for organizational structure and how it can help one succeed

·       Describe the purpose of organizational structure and how it can help with accountability and focus (success)

·       Explain leadership roles and responsibility in developing, running, growing, and maintaining an organization

·       Define the top three leadership roles in managing an organization

·       Describe how leadership style has an impact on employee behavior

·       Help participants gain an understanding of how they behave and how it impacts the organization

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