Art Makes a Difference: Perspectives on the Role of Art in Mental Health Recovery - Panel Discussion

Carol Coder & Aravindhan Natarajan | September 22 | 9:00-10:00 AM | Room 3010A

Learn from four dynamic individuals who share their personal stories of mental health recovery. Panelists highlight the healing power of art, and present a two-fold perspective: 1) how art making helps deal with significant life challenges, such as poverty, grief, depression and trauma; and 2) how art making propels life transformation. The panelists will show a sampling of personal artwork to visually demonstrate and to strengthen understanding of key points. Connections between core recovery skills, instillation of hope, safety, self-efficacy, resilience, and art making will be discussed. The potential for art to impact community awareness of mental health needs and inspire social action will also be discussed. The audience is invited to raise questions and engage in dialogue with the panelists.
Presentation Objectives:

·       Present diverse perspectives on the role of art in recovery

·       Illuminate connections between art making and core recovery skills

·       Create dialogue about opportunities and pathways for artful healing on personal and community platforms

About the Presenters