Lessons Learned: Effective Coordination Among service Providers in a Large-Group Agricultural Labor Trafficking Case

Amy Smith & Sarah Brenes | September 21 | 10:15-11:15 AM | Room 2584

This presentation will explore the coordination efforts among legal services, social services, and law enforcement partners in a large-group agricultural labor trafficking case. The presenters will address opportunities, challenges, and issues including balancing client confidentiality and providing consistent information to group members, accessing limited resources for multiple victims in a town unexposed to significant numbers of trafficking victims, coordinating pro bono legal representation for individual clients with cooperative legal strategy, balancing law enforcement priorities to prosecute the criminal/civil case with victim immigration and social service needs, maintaining boundaries between partners while working collectively on common interests, and overcoming inaccurate perceptions of labor trafficking cases and victims.

Presentation Objectives:

·         Present a large-group agricultural labor trafficking case

·         Address various opportunities, challenges, and issues associated with this case

About the Presenters