Rights as Rescue: Inclusive Sex Worker-Led Grassroots Organizing

Zee St. James, Juniper Fleming & Serpent Libertine | September 22 | 2:45-3:45 PM | Auditorium

Set against the historical backdrop of the sex worker rights movement, this session will explore sex worker-led grassroots organizing. Organizations from different regions will discuss the tactics of community building, developing support services, destigmatization, and harm reduction to promote the safety and dignity of fellow sex trade workers in their area. As every group has a unique story, panelists will compare and contrast the challenges faced by each group, and the solutions found. Finally, panelists will speak about the current needs of their communities, and how allies can work together to end violence against sex trade workers.

Presentation Objectives:

·         Explore various sex worker-led grassroots organizations from various regions across the country

·         Discuss the tactics used by these organizations

·         Compare and contrast challenges and solutions of each organization

·         Describe the current needs in each organization’s community

About the Presenters