The Artist Social Worker: Ways of Bringing the Best of Self to Practice

Heather M. Sloane, Sarah Kramer, Nora Riggs,  Maxwell Cleary, Rosie Best & Tori Sulivan-Cortez | September 22 | 4:00-5:00 PM | Room 3010A

As part of a committee charged with bringing the power of art to a social justice conference, the presenters worked to bring innovative art that expresses emotion and experience of social injustice. Art and poetry exhibits as well as art performance, such as dance and theater, tell a story about injustice in a way that academic and professional presentations cannot. Throughout history, artists are often the first group to raise alarm about injustice. Research has shown that art and empathy are connected. The audience will learn the transformative potential of the use of art to raise awareness and provoke social justice action. The audience will share in discussions about ways of bringing various forms of art to various community settings.

Presentation Objectives:

·       Describe how art and poetry tells a different story about injustice

·       Discuss the transformative potential of art

·       Start a discussion about ways to bring art to the community

About the Presenters