Six-Year Analysis of Sex Traffickers of Minors: Exploring Characteristics and Sex Trafficking Patterns

Kimberly Hogan & Dominique Roe-Sepowitz | September 22 | 10:15-11:15 AM | Room 2582

Over the last several years, law enforcement has seen a massive increase in the number of sex trafficking cases involving minors in the US. There has been limited research on a national picture of sex trafficking of minors. The ASU Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research examined sex trafficking cases of minors throughout the United States from 2010 to 2015. The research identified 1,416 persons arrested for sex trafficking of a minor in 46 states. Details about the cases will be explored and characteristics and sex trafficking patterns of traffickers will be presented through an interactive dashboard that explored maps and graphs of the study findings.

Presentation Objectives:

  • Present the study findings
  • Identify the characteristics and patterns of minor sex traffickers

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