Mapping the Demand: Sex buyers in Minnesota

Lauren Martin & Christina Melander | September 21 | 9:00-10:00 AM | Room Ingman

This presentation shares research findings about who sex buyers are, where they live and purchase sex in Minnesota, how they enter the marketplace, and what they seek in the marketplace. The goal is to help close a significant gap in research, practice, and policy related to sex buyers and the demand for commercial sex. Presenters explore purchasing power, control, and commodification within the market for sex; as well as intersectional oppression related to race, gender, and income inequality. This report presents new and important information about people who purchase sex in Minnesota in order to illuminate a more complete picture of the overall marketplace for sex; this is no easy task. Commercial sex is hidden, illegal, often dangerous, and stigmatized. Data includes interviews with 157 statewide stakeholders, all cases of sex trafficking and prostitution referred to the Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS), media coverage from 1995-2015, a review of the online sex advertising environment, and consultation with numerous stakeholders. The presenters will also highlight ideas for prevention and intervention.
Presentation Objectives:

·       Describe who sex buyers are and the demand for commercial sex, and basic market forces behind the marketplace for commercial sex

·       Provide an evidence-based understanding of who is purchasing sex in Minnesota, where they live and purchase sex, how they experience the market, and what they seek to purchase

·       Discuss ideas for demand-side prevention of sex trafficking and intervention to reduce exploitation

About the Presenters