Building a future!: A Reentry Program Forever

Jacob Spellis, Willie Knighten, David Nalls & Karyn McConnell | September 21 | 1:30-2:30 PM | Room 2582

Goodwill has been awarded a $1.36 million federal grant to provide training, case management, mentoring, and employment services to incarcerated adults transitioning back into the community. Goodwill will serve approximately 170 men and women who are in work release programs, recovery houses, and residential release centers. They have placed many individuals back into the work force. In addition, the program is operated by all restored citizens who have served time incarcerated.

Presentation Objectives:

·         Describe the program that Goodwill will introduce as a result of federal grant funding

·         Describe the reasons and importance of effectively integrating citizens returning from prison back into the community

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