"Resistant" or Resilient?: Meeting the Needs of Youth Survivors of Color

Tyffani Monford Dent | September 21 | 9:00-10:00 AM | Room 2582

This presentation will address the historical and ongoing failure of the sexual violence prevention/intervention movement to meet the needs of youth survivors of color, the social injustice that often results in the sexual abuse to prison pipeline for these youth, and ways to engage in culturally-competent interventions to meet the needs of Black and Hispanic adolescent human trafficking survivors.

Presentation Objectives:

  • Identify the historical views of sexuality, sexual violence, and mistrust of systems in the lives of people of color
  • Challenge societal myths about human trafficking survivors of color, specifically as it relates to the idea of “the perfect victim” and how it impacts our own response to survivors of color
  • Identify how our traditional advocacy, prevention, and intervention work needs to change in order to meet the needs of youth survivors of color, specifically related to the intersectionality of race/gender

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