“Kind regards”: An Examination of One Buyer's Attempt to Purchase a Trafficked Child for Sex

Jesse Bach | September 22 | 11:30 AM -12:30 PM | Room 3010A

A call to awareness regarding sex trafficking has increased research, bolstered social justice efforts, improved education, and influenced federal laws that protect victims and prosecute traffickers. Federal laws on sex trafficking are now being used through undercover sting operations via the Internet to arrest and prosecute buyers who attempt to engage in commercial sex with minors. A narrative analysis was completed to create an in-depth case study outlining the correspondences between a buyer and an undercover agent advertising trafficked children for sex. Participants are afforded a rare opportunity to examine actual emails related to the purchase of a child for sexual exploitation. The emails were used against the buyer as evidence within the court of law. The author asserts that the following case study will contribute to the body of literature on the victim selection processes and cognitive distortions employed by buyers of children for sex.

Presentation Objectives:

·       Describe the current tactics being used to prosecute buyers of sex trafficking

·       Present a case study of a buyer looking to purchase underage sex online

·       Allow participants to explore details of this case

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