Guidelines for Treating Human Trafficking Victims: A Resource for Healthcare Professionals

Sr. Anne Victory | September 21 | 1:30-2:30 PM | Room 3010A

This presentation will discuss methods for educating healthcare professionals to recognize and respond effectively to suspected victims of human trafficking. The presentation consists of a one-hour film outlining the guidelines developed for the four Cleveland area health systems (Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth, Sisters of Charity Health System, and University Hospitals). This resource, along with a manual, were created in response to the need for common guidelines among the health systems in order to assure improved quality of care and interdisciplinary communication among area healthcare providers, law enforcement, and social service providers. The film features local physicians, nurses, a social worker, law enforcement personnel, and a survivor.

Presentation Objectives:

·         Define the role of the healthcare professional in responding to human trafficking

·         Discuss the guidelines for responding to potential victims of human trafficking who may be encountered in local health facilities

·         Present the community partners with whom health providers need to establish strong working relationships

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