She's Your Daughter

Connie Rose | September 22 | 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM | Room Ingman

“She’s Your Daughter” will add value and social change to the local and national discussion around familial human trafficking. Connie was raised in a middle class, religious family in the suburbs of Tampa, Florida. She is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, pornography, sexual exploitation and domestic violence. Over 16 years of her abuse was at the hands of her serial, sex offender father. At 15, a pivotal time in a teenager’s life, Connie made a choice to be a prostitute. You will learn how her father became addicted to sex and pornography at the age of 13, became a serial sex offender and was still a pimp until he passed away at 82. Connie will share how she serviced men in the parking lot of her high school, the nights she was the party favor for high profile clients, and how she covered up living separate lives by being involved in school activities, such the dance squad, in beauty pageants and modeling. You will hear how she escaped, raised a family of her own, graduated with honors and obtained her Masters. in Adult Education, Training and Development. Today Connie is a beam of hope to other survivors. She travels internationally sharing her story and her journey. Attendees will learn the signs to look for and what they can do to make a difference in the lives of teens that are at risk, exploited or are being sold for sex.

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