Back to Basics: Practical (and Free) Resources and Tools for Enhancing Your Local Community Response to Human Trafficking

Sophia Papadimos, Michelle Hannan & Maria Busch | September 22 | 4:00 - 5:00 PM | Room 2582

The Governor’s Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force was created in 2012 to help exploited children and adults facing dire circumstances in Ohio. Since its creation, partnerships with task force agencies, federal entities, and grassroots coalitions have yielded tremendous results in combatting trafficking in the state, particularly by building applicable and relevant resources that allow advocates and community leaders to enhance their local response to trafficking. Participants will leave this session with a greater understanding of how to practically utilize, apply and adapt existing tools and resources, all of which are free and readily available through the Task Force. This session will cover the key components that make up a strong and holistic response, and attendees will walk away with tangible and substantive information and tools to support and enrich their agency’s trafficking response.

Specifically, participants will walk through sample protocols for coalition building, learn about victim service standards and an online toolkit designed to support effective outreach to victims, review state and federal funding sources, and more. The tools, resources and protocols covered in this session were created in partnership with state, local and federal organizations, and are intended to be adapted by communities throughout Ohio working to address the crime of human trafficking. By attending this session, participants will gain practical, concrete information to support their day-to-day work in responding to trafficking.

Presentation Objectives:

·         To learn what human trafficking looks like in rural communities

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