Health Care Needs of Child Victims of Human Trafficking

Dena Nazer | September 23 | 9:00 - 10:00 AM | Room 3010A

Human trafficking is a health problem. Healthcare professionals play an important role in both identifying, treating and assisting victims of trafficking. Studies have shown that a majority of human trafficking victims report seeing a healthcare professional at some point while being trafficked. This presentation will focus on the scope and nature of child sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in the United States. It will also address the health care needs of victims and how the medical provider may assist in detecting and identifying victims when they present with other complaints.

Presentation Objectives:

·         To be able to identify risk factors for exploitation as well as potential indicators of victimization of children.

·         To become familiar with health care needs of victims of human trafficking and how to address these needs and refer patients for medical care.

·         To be aware of how to make a report of suspected victimization as appropriate.

To become knowledgeable about available resources for victims and healthcare providers.

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